Chance To Take It Slow In Dominica

Whether you want to relax and swim on a remote island or just go on a hike with friends, there is much to explore and places to go. Consider Dominica in your list of the best places to see.

Caribbean’s hidden gem, Dominica

Dominica – A Hidden Gem in the Caribbean

You can travel the Caribbean’s hidden gem by air or sea. Dominica’s land and seascape will simply take your breath away. There is a lot of things to enjoy on the island of Dominica.

Have a leisurely walk through some of Dominica’s floral gardens. Get a chance to take it slow in the tropical gardens of Papillote and see panoramic waterfalls, hummingbirds, plenty of tropical plants and animal life and hot volcanic pools.

Stroll and go on a picnic in Roseau’s Botanical Gardens. The 40-acre botanic gardens were established back in 1890 by botanists from Kew Gardens. Here you can go on a picnic, watch a local cricket match, or enjoy the view of tall stilt-walkers practising for carnival.

See the annual flower show or take a birding trip to the village of Giraudel. Here you have a chance to see Dominica’s two endemic Amazonian parrots, the spectacular Sisserou and the Jaco, in the nature island’s tallest mountain Morne Diablotin. After a good hiking adventure, relax in an infinity pool with the ocean backdrop.

Check out the newly renovated Rosalie Bay Eco-Resort. Dominica is also enjoying an impressive luxury hotel boom, thanks mostly to its longstanding Citizenship by Investment program.