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About Airport

Not everyone is fond of the idea of having to wait in an airport. But sometimes, you have no choice but to be there and kill time. 

If you have a stopover and you need to wait for hours in an airport. Maybe it is better to get up and make it more productive. When you do so, time will fly even without you realizing it. 

Here are some things you can do while waiting at an airport:

Discover the City 

If you are on a stopover, you have a lot of time in your hands. Make it more memorable by exploring the city. Maybe it is your first time to be there or maybe you’ve been there before. Either way, just go out. You will never know what surprises await you on the outside. 

Access Free WiFi

You can connect to the airport WiFi and catch up with your friends. You can also download apps you can use to entertain you when you are already on your flight. Make the most out of the WiFi and complete everything you need before you board the plane. 

Window Shop

hing is better than retail therapy. But if you don’t have the budget, you can always shop for free through window shopping. You can start checking on your favorite brands and keep in the know with what’s fashionable and trendy. 


You may want to load up before you board the plane. Some people are not happy with plane food. If you do not want to risk not satisfying your belly, grab a bite before the flight. 

Take Pictures

Document your stay by taking memorable pictures. You will be surprised at the many cool and wonderful places you can find at the airport or out. Get creative. You will not only pass time, but you will also be more relaxed when behind the lens. 

We don’t go to the airport to wait. We go there because we want to travel. But waiting is part of traveling. Instead of complaining, do these things while you wait at the airport. It is always up to us to see the silver lining in everything. And these things are just what makes waiting more productive. 

Chance To Take It Slow In Dominica

Whether you want to relax and swim on a remote island or just go on a hike with friends, there is much to explore and places to go. Consider Dominica in your list of the best places to see.

Caribbean’s hidden gem, Dominica

Dominica – A Hidden Gem in the Caribbean

You can travel the Caribbean’s hidden gem by air or sea. Dominica’s land and seascape will simply take your breath away. There is a lot of things to enjoy on the island of Dominica.

Have a leisurely walk through some of Dominica’s floral gardens. Get a chance to take it slow in the tropical gardens of Papillote and see panoramic waterfalls, hummingbirds, plenty of tropical plants and animal life and hot volcanic pools.

Stroll and go on a picnic in Roseau’s Botanical Gardens. The 40-acre botanic gardens were established back in 1890 by botanists from Kew Gardens. Here you can go on a picnic, watch a local cricket match, or enjoy the view of tall stilt-walkers practising for carnival.

See the annual flower show or take a birding trip to the village of Giraudel. Here you have a chance to see Dominica’s two endemic Amazonian parrots, the spectacular Sisserou and the Jaco, in the nature island’s tallest mountain Morne Diablotin. After a good hiking adventure, relax in an infinity pool with the ocean backdrop.

Check out the newly renovated Rosalie Bay Eco-Resort. Dominica is also enjoying an impressive luxury hotel boom, thanks mostly to its longstanding Citizenship by Investment program.

Europe Budget Trip – Free Things To Do When You Travel In Europe

Going to Europe can be an expensive destination but you can still enjoy your European adventure even on a budget. Here are some of the free things to do in different travel spots in Europe.

Free entry to museums in Edinburgh

Museum in Edinburg

There are many free galleries and museums in Edinburg. The Gallery of Modern Art is completely free to visit. Check out The Museums of Childhood, The People’s Story, and the Writers’ Museum in Royal Mile. These top-notch museums offer free entrance.

Take a stroll along the Thames path

Walking along the Thames Path offers walkers lots to see and do. It will not cost you any money and it is a good form of exercise too. It takes two weeks to walk the whole route, but a shorter walk to the London section can be done in a few days.

Visit Belfast Castle

There are several free things you can do in the amazing city of Belfast. Belfast Castle is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored. This sophisticated sandstone building is encircled by mountain trails and gorgeous grounds. Parking is free and the beautiful gardens are good to walk around. You will enjoy the lovely view of Belfast. You are free to walk around Belfast Castle.

Free entry to Vatican Museum

When in Rome, schedule your tour to the Vatican on the last Sunday of the month to see the Vatican Museum for free. This top attraction showcases a startling and huge collection of sculptures, paintings, religious artifacts, and so on. The museum also houses Michelangelo’s Iconic Sistine Chapel.

Consider These Travel Destinations Once The Pandemic Is Over

Right now travels and tours are limited because of the global health crisis. While many countries are still imposing travel restrictions today, you may want to plan for your post-pandemic travel. Check out our top countries where you can visit once the pandemic is over.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is ready to celebrate its 75 years of freedom since the end of WWII. When you visit the country, better use their great train network to find the beautiful cities and also save more of your money. Try to come during the months of April and May so you can take part in King’s Day, Liberation Day and Eurovision Song Contest. How about go biking on the ever-growing network of over 35,000km of cycling paths at the Wadden Sea which is a popular UNESCO world Heritage Site?


Morocco is gaining momentum as it provides its visitors with different great attractions such as sustainable-yet stylish lodging, coastal wellness retreats and yoga, and restaurants offering seasonal produce.


The country has a lot to offer which includes its 660km of Rio de la Plata and Atlantic shoreline, bubbling hot springs, a fine wine industry, and endless rolling rangelands. Visitors are welcome to just go laid-back and enjoy the beauty of the country’s landscape. Uruguay has something for everyone!


This tiny island operates a very high value, low-impact tourism policy which makes travelers pay a high daily fee just by visiting its monastery crowned hills. Those who visit Bhutan will be able to walk along mountain trails unsullied by litter. Those who follow Buddhism can uniquely be in tuned with the environment. It is also the world’s only carbon-negative country and is into becoming the first fully organic country by this year. With the fee they are offering, expect that this piece of paradise won’t be that crowded which you can take advantage of.

Can You Travel During Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis?

Travelling this year is not the same as how it was before. More and more people who are considering their journeys’ think about the impact they make on local communities, their destinations and to themselves.

Travel  during coronavirus pandemic

The impact of Covid-19 on tourism has caused major changes in the way we travel. Gone are the days when we can interact with others freely. Although there may be a limit to where we go, we are still allowed to travel but with just some restrictions.

If you do have plans to travel, make sure to check the government ordinance where you are going since there are some restrictions to our travels these days. Travelling these days is not just about going to a new place and discovering what is in that location about. It is also about being aware of others and how our arrival at that new place can affect others.

Common restrictions and rules we should follow is social distancing. If you want to go to the beach to swim, how about travel locally? There is no need to travel to a different country these days since most countries are also close to travelers.

Travelling to your own country will also help local tourism. And, there are a lot of great places that you may not have seen and been in your own country. But again, check about government restrictions. It is good to enjoy a walk on the beach but if there are a lot of people doing the same thing, you may need to consider the location. The fewer people you interact these days, the better.

Don’t worry though! Soon all this will be over and we can get back to the way we use to do traveling but for now, let us keep each other safe.